Academic calendar 2019/2020

Academic calendar 2019/2020

Academic calendar 2019/2020

1st of October 2019 - 30th of September 2020

Winter semester

1st of October 2019 – 3rd of February 2020
Exam session
4th of February 2020 – 18th of February 2020
Winter holiday
19th of February 2020 – 29th of February 2020
Free days and holidays:
3rd of October 2019-inauguration of the academic year
31st of October 2019 – 1st of November 2019 – “All Saints Day” break
23rd of December 2019 – 7th of January 2020 – Christmas holidays
11th of November 2019- Independence Day

Summer semester

 2nd of March 2020 – 16th of June 2020
Exam session
17th of June 2020-30th of June 2020 and 31st of August 2020-13th of September 2020
Free days and holidays:
10th of April 2020 – 14th of April 2020 - Easter holiday
1st of May 2020- Labour Day
11th of June 2020-12th of June 2020-additional free days

Notice: on 29th of January 2020 (Wednesday) classes take place according to Monday class schedules

Closing the USOS system for entering grades: 20th of February 2020 and 15th of September 2020.

Schedule of registration for classes in USOS system

winter semester 2019/2020:

-obligatory subjects: 23rd of September 2019-25th of September 2019
-general university subjects (languages, sports, social sciences):26th of September 2019-28th of September 2019; additional date:7th of October 2019-8th of October 2019
-optional subjects (electives): 9th of October 2019-11th of October 2019

summer semester 2019/2020:

-obligatory and general university subjects ( languages, sports, social sciences):25th of February 2020-27th of February 2020; additional date: 9th of March 2020-10th of March 2020
-optional subjects (electives): 9th of March 2020- 11th of March 2020


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