About the Faculty

About the Faculty

logo_wmw   The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
ul. C. K. Norwida 31
50-375 WROCŁAW
phone 071 320-5107, 071 320-5244
fax  071 328-1567
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The Wroclaw Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, as an inheritor of the scientific achievements and traditions of the Lviv Academy of Veterinary Medicine, launched its activity on the 1 November 1945 as a department of the established from scratch University and Polytechnic of Wroclaw.
For all the years of its existence, the Faculty rapidly and dynamically evolved in terms of infrastructure, scientific research as well as didactic activity. Presently, it is one of the five faculties which form the structure of the University of Environmental and Life Sciences. For almost 67 years, thanks to the commitment of the Faculty Employees, there has been created the approved and valued research and educational centre, being entitled to confer the following scientific degrees: PhDs and Higher Doctorates in veterinary science.
Currently, scientific and didactic staff constitutes more than 100 approved specialists in various disciplines of veterinary medicine. The researches carried out at the Faculty are appreciated by the domestic and foreign scientific community as well as by business entities.
The educational offer has aroused great interest among secondary school graduates, and the program and the quality of education are rated highly by both Students and the Veterinary Self-Government.
In May 2016 our Faculty received official EAEVE certificate of approval, in accordance with EAEVE standars and based on the educational requirements of the EAEVE Organization.
The main objective of the Faculty is conducting scientific research at the highest level and the best vocational training of future veterinarians.

Krzysztof Kubiak
professor, dr h.c. DVM, PhD, the Dean

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