The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – the past

The Faculty's history dates back to 1881, when the city of Lviv saw the opening of the third in Poland, next to that in Vilnus and Warsaw, veterinary school which gained the status of the Academy in 1897 and had excellent reputation. The outbreak of World War II followed by annexation of the eastern outskirts of Poland by the Soviet Army, German occupation and the political consequences of warfare had their tragic result in separating Lviv from Poland. The members of the Lviv academic community who survived the ordeal of World War II settled in Wrocław, formerly a German city. In Wrocław there was a school of agriculture at that time but it did not comprise a fully-developed Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Instead, there was the Institute of Veterinary Medicine with the Animal Clinic, operating within the Institute of Agriculture.

It was for the Lviv scholars that Wrocław gained a completely new institution of higher education, called the Wrocław University and Polytechnic. The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, with the highest number of students, formally started operation on the 1st of November 1945. First dean as well as the founder of the newly opened Faculty was the former rector of the Lviv University prof. dr hab. dr h.c Zygmunt Markowski. The 22nd of November 1945 was the inauguration date for the first and the second year students, and the first meeting of the Faculty Board took place on the 14th of December.

Six years later, the first post-war higher education institution in the newly incorporated to Poland "Western Territories" saw the creation of a new unit, the School of Agriculture, in 1972 renamed to the Wrocław Academy of Agriculture, and in 2006, when its status was raised to the university level, named the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences. As the new independent Wrocław university started operation, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine was one of its five Faculties.

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