Regional cooperation
The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine collaborates with the veterinary authority of the Region of Lower Silesia (Lower Silesian Chamber of Veterinary Medicine), the General Veterinary Inspectorate for Lower Silesia, the Wrocław Zoo, the Wrocław Horse Racetrack – Partynice, as well as with a number of animal farms, slaughterhouses and animal product processing plants.

International cooperation
The Faculty continues to participate in many international educational programmes. Thanks to this activity each year several dozen of its students may enjoy the opportunity of studying Veterinary Medicine at various European universities.
On the basis of bilateral agreements, doctoral students and researchers are offered participation in short-term or long term training programmes abroad.
Veterinary Medicine full-time programme at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Wrocław is now also taught in English within the WUELS English Division.

Teraz Wrocław programme
Launched by the Wrocław authorities acting in cooperation with the Wrocław institutions of higher education for the students of Polish origin from the former Eastern bloc countries. Several students use the opportunity of studying in Poland within the Teraz Wrocław programme each year.

Stanisław Tołpa Scholarship
Awarded by the WUELS to students and researchers of Polish origin from the former Eastern bloc countries. This scholarship programme has over a dozen participants each year.

The WUELS Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is a member of the European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education (EAEVE) and the Veterinary Network of European Student and Staff Transfer (VetNEST).

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