Parasitology laboratory

Parasitology laboratory

pl. Grunwaldzki 45
50-366 Wrocław

inż. Milena Skrok
phone 71 320 5387
email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The scope of examinations

  • Diagnostic post-mortem examinations for suspected parasitic infections (coccidiosis, histomonosis, nematodes – ascariasis, heteracidosis, syngamosis, tapeworms, etc.)
  • Parasitic tests of faeces - assessment of the presence of coccidia oocyst (OPG) and egg nematodes in one fecal gram.
  • Parasitic tests - assessment of the presence of oocysts and egg parasites in scrapes.
  • PCR-based tests - identification of genetic material and occurrence of coccidia species, identification of Histomonas and Tetratrichomonas genetic material in tissues.

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