Unit of fish diseases

Unit of fish diseases

pl. Grunwaldzki 45
50-366 Wrocław

Major research interests include:

  • biochemical and haematological blood tests in carp as well as histological and histological-enzymatic tests in fish
  • co-operation with the IRS Żabieniec, studies concerning immunity in carp stimulated with vaccine antigens,
  • bacteriological tests in carp


  • Zacharow J., Bajek-Snoch J., Niemczuk W.: Microbiological evaluation of commercial carp from the selected ponds of the Lower Silesian region. Acta Scientiarum Pol. 9 (1) 2010
  • Kozińska A., Paździor E., Pękala A., Niemczuk W.: Acinetobacter johnsoni and Acinetobacter lwoffi - the emerging fish pathogens. Bull. Vet. Inst. Pulawy 58, 193 – 199. 2014

Fish diseases (PL/ENG) 4 year, 8 sem.

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